What would you do if you found someone smoking cannabis on church grounds? What would you do if a young person needed prescription drugs whilst on a Christian camp? What are you doing to equip your young people to make drug-free choices?

Hope UK has conducted a survey of the churches, and found that 80% of churches do not have a Drugs Policy. And, of the 20% that do have a policy in place, less than 50% are ensuring that all members of staff are aware of it. The survey also found that 75% of churches are not providing drug education training for their young people. Are you one of the 90% that would find advise on a Drugs Policy helpful.

Please click here to find out more about where to start when thinking about your Drug Policy.

Hope UK, Deputy CEO, Joe Griffiths, will also be talking about ‘A Drugs Policy for the Churches’ on 16th October at 12.00pm, at the Christian Resources Exhibition (Sandown Park).

If you want to discuss the matter confidentially, please call 020 7928 0848 or email enquiries@hopeuk.org.