As you know, drug education forms a part of the compulsory Health Education national curriculum (‘Relationships Education, Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) and Health Education’).

To help with this, we have used our 165 years of expertise to develop a set of lesson plans, activities, PowerPoint presentations and resources for teachers (primary and secondary) to use with their students. Each plan and activity has been mapped against the national curriculum and contains suggestions for using them in COVID-secure or online lessons, where needed.

We have also included factsheets for you to use – either for your own information or, where relevant, with your pupils.

There are five lessons each for key stages 1-4, and three lessons for key stage 5. These include:

  • Age appropriate drug education
  • Relevant life skills – for example, peer resistance, healthy lifestyles, positive friendships
  • Other age-appropriate information e.g., ‘County Lines’ and ‘Information for school-leavers’.

Download a free sample lesson plan below:

In order to access and download these resources, we make a modest charge of just £30. This one-off cost allows access to all school resources across all Key Stages 1-5. 

To access the resources, simply register below and make your online payment. If you would prefer to pay on invoice, please contact us and we will be happy to arrange this.

If there are topics that you think need to be looked at in more detail, you may also find some of the e-learning modules helpful for your students to use.

To find out more about good practice in drug education, click here.

Alternatively, Hope UK also has trained educators who are available to take lessons for you, either in person or virtually, and you can follow this link to book a Hope UK speaker.


‘Very informative with a good range of activities and resources. Timing is good and the pace good for the age group.’

‘The range of activities made the lesson more interesting.’