Accredited Drug Training

Hope UK has several units accredited through the Open College Network, London. You can access all the information and worksheets for six of the units by signing up here.

Within this area of the website you will find:

  • Drug Information
  • Links to useful statistics
  • Other information relating to drugs

You will also have access to worksheets relating to the following six drug units:

  • Drug Effects (2 credits at level 2)
  • Drugs – Names, Appearance and Methods of Use (1 credit at level 2)
  • Drugs and the Brain (1 credit at level 2)
  • Drugs, The Law and Government Policy (1 credit at level 2)
  • Effects of an Individual’s Drug Use on Others (2 credits at level 2)
  • Reasons for Drug Use (2 credits at level 2)

Although the information and worksheets are free to use, if you wish to gain credit for your work you will need to register with Hope UK and pay a fee for assessment, verification and certification. The cost is £50 per unit, or £250 for all six units. This must be paid in advance. No assessment can take place until payment has been received. You may find it helpful to look though the training booklet for more information. Please contact us if you wish to gain credit for your work – we strongly advise you to talk to us first before starting the worksheets.