Pictures to Colour

Pictures for you to print off and colour in.

Hope UK, formerly Band of Hope, has a rich history, dating all the way back to 1847. The Band of Hope, an integral part of the Temperance Movement, was formed by Ann Carlisle and Rev. Jabez Tunnicliffe, to address the prevalence of hard liquor use amongst young people.

Bands of Hope formed all over the United Kingdom pioneering modern-day youth work, and in 1897, Queen Victoria was the Jubilee Patron.

By 1905, over 3 million children were members of Bands of Hope (this was over half of school-aged children at the time).

The Band of Hope changed its name to Hope UK in 1995, with the broader mission to ‘equip young people to make drug-free choices’. Hope UK now does this through our network of highly trained volunteer drug educators.

We have collated artwork from our archives, which offer a window into some of our shared history, and they have been converted into line drawings. We also have some drawings from our drug educators, and it is our hope that you will enjoy colouring them in.