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50% of 15-year-olds have been offered recreational drugs at some point in their lives

580,000 secondary school students have taken recreational drugs in the last year.

Sometimes we end up saying ‘yes’, when we really wanted to say ‘no’. Whether, at a party being offered a spliff, or in a boyfriend’s or girlfriend’s bedroom being asked to do something we don’t want to do, or mates are encouraging us to bunk school, sometimes ‘no’ is the hardest word to say.

That’s backed up by data collected by Hope UK which shows that 50% of young people strongly agreed that they don’t make their own decisions when out with friends. That’s why Hope UK is already working with schools across the UK building young people’s resilience and equipping them with practical life skills to help them confidently say ‘no’!

And we know we’re making a difference…

  • 75% more young people ‘Strongly Agree’ that they know a lot about drugs after a Hope UK Drug Education Session
  • Just under a quarter more young people ‘Strongly Agree’ that they would talk to their parents about drugs after a Hope UK Session
  • 1 in 10 more young people ‘Strongly Agree’ that they would make their own decisions after a Hope UK Session,
  • Finally, 8 more people out of 100 would never take drugs after a Hope UK Session.


Explanation of the game

Me: “Could you avoid saying Yes or No for a whole day?”
You: “Maybe?”
Me: “Ah, so you have played the Yes/No Game before?”
You: “I have!”

Hope UK is challenging all school students across the UK to play the Yes/No Game for a whole day, encouraging young people to find creative ways to say Yes! and No!

Here’s how it works…

The game is played during a normal school day. Students AND teachers are not allowed to say the words, ‘yes’ or ‘no’ for the whole day.

Hope UK has also prepared a lesson/tutor group plan for teachers to work through with students.

It’s £1 per student to play (think Non-Uniform Day). We supply your school with;

  • The Rules
  • The Score Sheets (with rules on them)
  • An editable lesson/tutor group plan on Peer Resistance
  • ’10 Ways to Say No’ (based on PSHE Curriculum Guidelines).

All of this is available once you’ve signed up to play.

The school collects the donations and sends it over to Hope UK (by whichever means is easiest for you), and we use it to continue our vital drug education work.

This is an excellent way to engage young people in peer-resistance, in an enjoyable way.

1. Know a lot about drugs…

2. Comfortable talking to parents about drugs…

3.  Hang out with friend but make their own decisions…

4.  Won’t ever use drugs…