Whether it’s the London Marathon or a Local Walk, a Bake Sale or an Evening of Music, Hope UK would love for you to include us in it. And we want to help you make it happen. That’s why we’ve introduced the Hope UK Sponsorship Initiative.


What is the Hope UK Sponsorship Initiative?

Hope UK will reimburse 25% of any sponsorship you raise, up to the cost of the event.
Here are two examples of how the Hope UK Sponsorship Initiative might work.


Whether it’s how your training is going, or how you made the Lemon Drizzle Cake extra lemony, we want to hear about it. Vlog (or Blog) it all and we will post it on our Social Media channels so that everyone can get behind you. And get loads of pictures, so that you can go on the Wall of Fame!


Team Hope UK

We’re one big team at Hope UK, and we want everyone to know that. So, if you register an event, we will give you a free Hope UK Team Shirt, to wear with pride.


Why are Hope UK offering the Sponsorship Initiative?

It’s a win-win. You can do something really great, raise loads of money for Hope UK, and you don’t have to stomach the costs.

Also, it is really difficult for small-mid size charities to get charity places at sporting events; the big-boys grab them all and the places have become really expensive (that’s why most charities state that you have to raise over £1,000).

The Sponsorship Initiative makes it more likely that you’ll get a place, and takes all the stress out of raising sponsorships (as there is no minimum requirement).


The Boring Bits…

Hope UK will reimburse 25% of sponsorship up to the cost of your event or entry fee. Hope UK will only reimburse:

  • If you have registered your event with us.
  • Once we have received all the sponsorship monies (we will only make one reimbursement so make sure you’ve collected all the money).
  • Online sponsorship must be done via Virgin Money Giving.
  • If we have proof of entry / receipts for room hire etc.

The Hope UK Tee-Shirt is free if you raise over £100.00 in sponsorship by the 30th day after the event date. Otherwise, the cost of the Tee-Shirt will be £13.50.