This 21-session course has been designed for church/Christian youth groups to help them develop an overview of the Bible. Each session looks briefly at the outline of a few books of the Bible (starting at Genesis and going through to Revelation) and what each book is about.

The facilitator then chooses one or two items of interest to develop, using a wide variety of activities.
The aim of the course is to develop a very basic understanding of the whole Bible, rather than look too deeply at particular issues/stories. By the end of the course, the group will know roughly what each book is about, how they fit together and will have looked at what is in some of the books.

A sample session can be found here, and an overview of the whole course here.

If you would like someone to come and lead this with your group – or maybe just a short bit of it – contact for further information.


What they say

‘I found the bible study course genuinely one of the most interesting courses I’ve been on. I’m a big fan of knowing the history and context of things and I think learning about the bible in this way helped me understand it better. Working book by book and getting an overview of what goes on in that book, the context of it and, most importantly, what we can learn from it was a really good way of doing it and I feel like I know the bible so much more now.’

Girl, age 18