The aim of this 8-session course for young people is to give them knowledge about drugs and sex, and to develop tools to help them with these issues and more generally in life.

The programme is led by Hope UK youth workers. Each of the eight sessions involves games, discussions and other activities.


In summary, the sessions are:


Where everyone gets to know each other and the course is introduced. What are life skills? How do we develop them?

Peer Pressure

What is peer pressure, how can we notice it and how do we manage it?


Includes basic information about drugs, their effects and related issues – building on information they will already know.

Self Esteem

We look at things that affect our self-esteem and help the participants consider what they are good at and what is good about them.


Basic information about safe and unsafe sex, STIs and pregnancy.

It can also look at issues around consent, if that is appropriate for your group.


This practical session enables young people to try out various ways to help grow their confidence – for example improving their ‘confident’ body language and eye contact.

Decision Making

Considers influences on our thought processes, in order to develop better decision-making skills.


We review the course, what has been learnt, how the learning can be used and what other help might be needed.

If you would like to book the ‘Drugs, Sex and You’ course for your youth group, please complete the booking form.


Comments from other courses

‘It wasn’t like learning yet I really felt like we learnt really important stuff’

‘I feel more comfortable spending time on my own now, it’s okay to think about stuff because it helps me work out what to do’

‘I loved practising situations, I had an issue with someone at college and I felt able to deal with it’

‘It was really good – the course didn’t try to hide anything, it told you what you needed to be told. They try to protect you in school – but this course was a very open environment. Other people found it very comfortable to talk openly. The whole approach is very welcoming. Even if you didn’t see the other group members for a whole week, it was easy to get talking.’