Go COFFEE-FREE this September, raising money for Hope UK, and claim the title of “COFFREE Conqueror”! 

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What is COFFREE?

Could you kick the cup (or mug), and give up coffee (or tea), for the whole of Siptember, raising money for Hope UK, claiming the title of COFFREE CONQUEROR? 

Donate what you save from the coffee you’re not drinking, or get sponsored by your friends.

We know it’s going to be tough, but there are a lot of really good reasons to go COFFREE. Giving up coffee will save you money, time and could improve your health! You’ll also go down as a legend!

Let us know sooner rather than latté, whether you fancy giving it a shot (or a double!), and help us Arabicate (OK, that one was painful, feel free to Mocha me for that!) illegal drug-use among young people. 

Don’t let Ol’ Joe beat you! Jabez, the Keen Bean has got your back (he’s your ground support)!

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Register Your Fundraising Page

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Coping Tips

We’re not going to lie to you, this isn’t going to be easy…

Your first week will be challenging… you will get headaches and feel tired and grumpy. Be sure to drink a lot of water  smoothies and fruit teas.  

Have early nights to get enough rest.

Warn your friends, family and colleagues ahead of time that you will be taking on the COFFREE  conqueror challenge and you may be irritable for the first week.

Focus on the difference you are making to the lives of young people.

Before going COFFREE

Prepare – Reduce your coffee intake for a couple of weeks before you go completely COFFREE.

Get your Support Brew ready – Tell your friends and family about the challenge, and get them ready to support (and sponsor) you.  

Hold yourself to account – Start your Virgin Money Giving page by donating the equivalent of what you would spend on coffee in a day, a month or even a year!

Surviving being COFFREE

Substitute your daily coffee with smoothies or fruit teas.

Drink water (cold or hot) – but not too much.

Share your journey with us on our Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn #mewithoutcoffee

Caught napping on the job – Try and get more sleep – it’ll help!

For old times’ sake – Enjoy your last cup of coffee. You never know, you may never go back!

What our COFFREE CONQUERORS are saying…

I do feel pretty relaxed much of the time, and think the long term effect of no caffeine will be to have much fewer short term highs and lows with energy and excitement. Thus a more steady rhythm of life. It is a quite interesting experience, glad I am trying it.


Fundraising Tips

In the Office

Show off your hidden talents by indulging your colleagues to a good old Great British bake sale.

Appeal to your colleagues’ better nature by asking them to fill up your coffee mug with spare change instead.

Team up with your colleagues and raise money as a team.

Friends and Family

Friends are always there for us when we need them the most, especially when we are  COFFREE for a whole month. Ask them to sponsor you.

When invited for a coffee ask them to make a donation instead.

Involve your local Community

Quiz night– Create a buzzing, competitive energy in your ‘hood!

 Host a quiz night in your home, community hall…

Clear Out

  • Your old books that you know you will not be reading ever again.
  • Your old clothes. They still have value, friends and family won’t mind buying them off you for a good cause.

Boost your fundraising by…

Sharing your COFFREE journey with us on social media.

Sharing your grumpy pictures.

Also share your bright pictures.

What will your money achieve?

£50 could help us reach 10 young people with drug education in the UK.

£100 could pay for a set of 10 drug samples for us to use during a session (they’re not real drugs!).

£450 could pay for a trained Volunteer’s support for a year (includes travel expenses, educational material and updating or specialist training).


If you don’t think now is the right time for you to take on the challenge, but you would like to contribute to Hope UK, you can (and a big thank you!).


Got more questions? Find answers here!