Our mission is to equip young people to make drug-free choices

Our vision is young people having the knowledge and life skills they need not only to make healthy choices regarding drug use, but also be able to transfer these skills into other areas in their lives

Hope UK Core Principles:

  1. The work we do is informed by best practice
  2. Equipping young people to make drug free choices is not about just providing them with information about drugs, it is about helping them develop the skills and knowledge they need to manage situations and circumstances they find themselves in
  3. We work in a non-judgemental and inclusive manner
  4. Our work will always be interactive – taking into consideration the fact that different people like to learn in different ways.
  5. We will always work hard to create safe learning environments, considering the needs of the learners we are working with
  6. We will work with the inviting organisation to plan activities that are suitable and relevant to the groups or individuals we are working with
  7. We prefer not to do ‘one off’ activities – unless what we are doing is part of a wider plan implemented by the host organisation.